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Instant Insight into Your Confluence Data

Your Knowledge, Where You Are.

PageWise turns tedious searches through complex Confluence spaces spaces, and repetitive questions to staff members, into intuitive AI powered conversations with your companies knowledge-base directly in Slack.

Effortless Integration.
Set up PageWise AI in minutes, integrating seamlessly with your Slack and Confluence accounts, no technical knowledge required.
No More Sifting Through Pages.
PageWise AI brings your Confluence data into your Slack workspace, eliminating tedious searches across multiple pages.
Reduce Repetitive Queries.
PageWise AI eliminates time wasted answering repetitive questions, allowing your team to focus on more critical tasks.
Connecting The Dots.
Uncover hidden insights and connections within your Confluence pages through the intelligence of PageWise AI.
Boost Communication.
Streamline discussions by easily referencing relevant information, encouraging clearer, more efficient team communication.
Grow with Your Business Needs.
PageWise AI scales with your needs, providing efficient access to your information as your business grows.

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Flexible Pricing for Every Team


The starter plan allows you to ingest roughly 500 (1000 word) pages, and ask 5000 questions per month.


  • 1 million ingestion tokens
  • 5000 questions a month


Most popular

The pro plan allows you to ingest roughly 1,500 (1,000 word) pages, and ask 10,000 questions per month.


  • 3 million ingestion tokens
  • 10,000 questions a month


The ultimate plan allows you to ingest roughly 3,500 (1,000 word) pages, and ask 30,000 questions per month.


  • 7 million ingestion tokens
  • 30,000 questions per month


Extended allowances, custom integrations, data sources & use cases, self hosted solutions for highly sensitive data, HIPAA compliance, Azure OpenAI implementations and more.

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Frequently asked questions

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What language model does PageWise use? Can I use GPT-4?
We are currently using GPT-3.5-turbo which provides accurate and insightful responses for most use cases. If your needs are more complex, we will soon be offering a GPT-4 option, although this will come at a higher per-message cost due to the increased message involved in using the underlying model. This won't affect ingestion cost.
What is an ingestion token, how many do I need?
Tokens are how large language models see text. A token can be a word, a fragment of a word or a special character / punctuation. Ingestion tokens are used when converting your data into the format needed to power your bot. In our real-world testing we have found that a 1000 word confluence page is typically in the region of 2000 - 2200 tokens.
How is my chatbot kept up to date with my changing data?
At present, you'll need to click a refresh button whenever you want your chatbot to update with the latest data from your Confluence pages. However, we're actively developing an automated solution that will keep your chatbot updated in real-time, tracking changes to your Confluence pages without any manual intervention.

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